Dog Obedience Classes Baltimore

AAA Dog Training is a leading dog training organization which offers the best reliable dog obedience classes in Baltimore, Maryland location. This top rated organization is specializes in modifying and managing the dog behavior. With having over 30 years of experience it trains every age, size, breed, disposition and temperament of dogs by following a unique force free method. Its obedience training prevents many of problems of the dog and helps to solve the bad behavior that exists before.


Dog Obedience Classes Baltimore training refers that, the very basic training that helps the dog to learn his role in your family and in the world. It teaches your dog the basic skills; he needs to interact with other dogs and with other people inside and outside of the home. It is the first step to teach healthy behaviors and avoid negative ones. AAA dog training organization specializes in behavior problem. It strives to resolve the disciplinary problems of the dog. This organization is owned and operated by Shane F. Beards worth, a lead trainer and behaviorist. He is one of the most experience e-collar trainers. His extensive research and constant involvement with the dog in the field allow him to train the dogs to be obedient and behavior problem free. As he knows it take considerably long time with a lot of repetition to be able to successfully train a dog, he works relentlessly till the dog complete the training and always follows up.

AAA dog training organization utilizes a unique and very effective methodology to provide the best obedience training to dogs and puppies. This 5-6 week program makes your pet well trained and behavioral problem free. These training classes are conducted at the dog’s domain in the present of the owner which helps the owner to follow up the process to handle the dog easily. In this basic obedience training classes the professionals train the dog to obey anything and everything they are told to do. It covers a wide range of lessons in which a dog can learn tricks, family manners, show ring exercises and skills demonstrations. The expert trainers of AAA dog training organization are a quite efficient to train the dog variety of essential commands and techniques on a leash, that increase the value of dogs in their owner’s family. They teach the dog how to sit patiently without doing any disturbances, or how to stay without whining. During these 5 weeks of training they also address issues such as house breaking, separation anxiety, eating disorders, destructive behavior, play, biting, excessive barking etc. After this basic Dog Obedience Baltimore the advance obedience training are given to the dog. In this advance obedience training, with hand signals in lieu of verbal commands all the commands listed under the basic obedience are followed by the dog with off leash. AAA dog training organization also conducts group training classes for a gentle method of obedience training and teaches the appropriate manners to the dog. This group training class helps your dogs learn to focus, even when there are distractions from other dogs.

In Conclusion:

Dog Training Baltimore is a lifelong process, which prepares the dog for a life time good behavior and companionship. Through its best affordable service and vast experience AAA Dog Training has spread its wings not only in the Baltimore but also in York Pennsylvania and its surrounding country as well as Washington DC.   The trainers of this institution are quite efficient in tame the dog and motivate them easily.


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